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About our Group

This is the official DeviantART fanpage for the Fandom Revolution!

Fandoms Unite!

In this group we accept art from any fandom.
If you think there is a Fandom that needs a folder, just speak up!

The only rule is love and tolerate~
It's not just for bronies...

AND the Featured folder is ONLY for Multi-Fandom/Crossover Pictures~

Q&A #1: fandom-revolution.deviantart.c…

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Hey guys! It's a new year and we've had many new popular and growing fandoms pop up over 2016! I'm checking to see if there's any you think deserve their own special folder?

Feel free to suggest anything! But keep in mind that folders are for multiple people to use and are mostly reserved for larger fandoms that have lots of art submitted daily. I will list some suggestions I've gotten here:
-The Walking Dead/Zombie Fandoms
-Ladybug and Cat Noir

Let us know which fandoms should be added to that list and which on that list are most in need of their own folder! Before suggesting something, please let us know if you're willing to contribute art of that fandom, this helps us narrow down the decisions.

Thank you guys and I hope to hear back from you all soon.
Hello everyone, Asher Here.
Yeah, It's been awhile since I made a single post into this group, but I'm more active now.

I'm wondering if there are any other folders you feel need to be added into the group.

I'm planning on adding several new folders as it is, so please let me know if there's something important you think we've missed.

In addition, we also need a new group icon still, so if you'd be willing to do that or know someone who could do that please let me know!
Given the rise of popularity of the game Undertale and its art, there is now a dedicated folder for this fandom, please redirect any Undertale related fanworks to this folder! (Remember that written works still belong in the 'Literature' folder.)

Thank you! You may now continue fandoming. :D
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